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Richards Consulting Engineers specialise in designing pragmatic, safe structural engineering solutions for new houses and alterations, light commercial buildings and farm buildings. We also undertake civil engineering design projects such as retaining walls and foundations, pavements, stormwater, stopbanks and edge protection works.

Our clients include architects, building designers, building contractors, home owners, insurance companies, the Ministry of Education and local councils.

When working with clients, we make an effort to explain what we are doing and ensure the design is easy to understand. This means you can make informed decisions about different structural options and how they affect the overall building design.


New Houses

Building a home is a significant investment for most people, so it’s important you get the right structural design that will stand up to New Zealand’s weather and seismic risks. From small house alterations, right through to multi-million dollar builds, our role is find the best solution for your needs.

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House Alterations

Simple alterations and extensions can often affect the main house structure. We can help in the planning stages, to advise on load bearing and bracing structures that might be affected and how this can be altered efficiently to achieve your extra space and aesthetic requirements. If you are changing the layout of your house or extending it, you might need a structural engineer to help ensure the existing structure is not weakened by the proposed work.

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Building Inspections

We specialise in structural inspections of houses. We can inspect the primary structure of your house to provide peace of mind that it has not been damaged by any historical earthquake, snow or wind. We can diagnose damage, work out why it is damaged and how it should be repaired.

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Site Soil Investigations

In addition to our structural design services we undertake shallow soil testing, to determine the soil profile and capacity to support buildings and retaining wall structures. For complex hill sites and areas with high liquefaction potential, a specialist geotechnical engineer would need to be engaged.

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Damage Assessments

In addition to our experience with assessing earthquake assessments, we have expertise in assessing fire, snow, wind and vehicle damage to buildings.

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Light Commercial

Small commercial buildings can be complex to design and require a specialist structural engineering approach. We have undertaken several commercial building projects throughout the South Island, including warehouses and two-to-three storey office blocks – constructed with a range of materials.

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Richards Consulting Engineers have provided advice for structural and civil engineering projects on school sites and buildings throughout the South Island. We work with school Boards of Trustees, school property managers and the Ministry of Education.

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Agricultural Structures

In the fast-changing agricultural sector, with new technology and methods being introduced, there is a need for innovative and safe structural design solutions for manufacturing, processing and storage buildings. We have wide experience working with farmers, contractors and agricultural suppliers.

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Civil Engineering

We can provide advice and solutions around retaining wall and foundation design, pavement design, stormwater design, stopbanks and edge protection works design.

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Earthquake Assessments

Since the Canterbury earthquakes, we have gained considerable experience around the assessment and performance of buildings. We can help to assess buildings and assist with the design of seismic strengthening works. We can also advise on resilient and damage limiting structures.

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Aged Care Facilities

Richards Consulting Engineers has undertaken the structural design for a number of aged care facilities. These buildings are typically different than other commercial building structures in that they need special attention to sound transmission, fire separation, level access and construction while often maintaining existing facilities. We appreciate these differences and the need to communicate with a multidisciplinary design and construction team.

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Stormwater Design

In property development the infrastructure below the ground is often overlooked. Richards Consulting Engineers have experience with Civil Engineering design all across the country. From a simple home extension to a six-lot sub-division, our engineers are easy going and happy to provide advice at any stage of your project, whether it be in the planning, resource, or building consent stage. We take the time to understand your needs and find the most cost-effective and pragmatic solution for your site.

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