Why you Need a Structural Engineer
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A structural engineer designs the structural elements of a building.  The structure is like a skeleton, which ensures the building can support its occupants and resist high winds, earthquakes and snow loads that we experience in New Zealand.  The structure is usually clad so it is not visible in the finished building.


Why Richards Consulting Engineers?

  • We are easy to contact and talk to. You can call us on 03 347 1624 and one of our team will be available.
  • We provide a no hassles approach.  This means:
    • We present solutions rather than problems.
    • We provide a detailed scope of work with a fixed fee (where it is possible), providing certainty for your budget and planning.
    • We stand behind our design and will respond to contractor and Council queries.
  • We are client focused with all our systems designed to ensure our services meet clients’ expectations.
  • We produce documentation that is easy to build from.
  • We operate a flat team structure where more than one person can respond to construction queries.


Call us on 03 347 1624 for more information, or to discuss how we can help you create the best possible structural design solution.